Getting the Right Gear: Soccer Shoes are more than a pair of cleats

Outdoor Grass Fields
The type of shoe that is “best” depends on the playing field, which is classified as hard, firm, or soft when talking about outdoor fields. On outdoor soccer shoes, the cleats can be either molded or detached, which means the studs are either fixed, or designed to be changed out to accommodate for field conditions. Most from ground cleats today have either bladed studs or a combination of bladed and conical studs, the two basic shapes for cleats that serve different purposes. Conical studs offer a quicker release from the ground it spiked into, and greater stabilizing power means more bodily control and less risk of injury. The material makes a difference too; metal has more puncturing power and thus metal cleats are not allowed in some leagues and not on Plaza’s fields, either. Make sure to check with the facility you intend to play in before you buy shoes. Bladed studs create less stud pressure over the course of a match and because they don’t dig into the ground as deeply, allow the player greater traction and speed.

Turf Fields
At Plaza Sports Center, we play on a covered artificial turf field, so the only shoes we allow are what simply called turf shoes. These are not large cleats seen on outdoor shoes but they are still visible, though the sole looks a lot like a normal athletic sneaker in that they are raised rubber patterns in an extremely durable, rubber out sole. Turf shoes can also be used on harder outdoor surfaces and for training.

Indoor Fields
Turf fields that are indoors allow for a different game as players can use that walls to bounce the ball in interesting ways. To play in these facilities you need to wear “indoor soccer shoes.” The sole is harder and flatter than traditional athletic shoes and usually have a gum rubber sole. They usually look like low-key athletic shoes that can be worn in day-to-day life. Futsal shoes are a category of indoor shoes designed for five-a-side, and are usually extremely lightweight. At Plaza Sports Center, you will find a wide selection of soccer shoes in our Pro store. We are happy to help you find the right shoe for you needs, and if we are out of you size or favorite color we can order it and have it delivered. Our goal is to help you feel well-equipped to give it your all on the field!