Women’s Fitness “Ladies, we can too!”

Ladies, you already know the but it can sometimes be hard to act on it, especially when you’re tired of your usual workout or haven’t experienced a dynamic routine that works for you. Have you ever thought of training the way a soccer player does?

Plaza Sports Center now offers fun, dynamic early bird workouts for women so you can get your daily exercise in before you start your day. We will be offering these instructor-led fitness classes, which are intended to build your speed, agility, and cardiovascular capacities, every week day 5 a.m to 10 a.am. Classes are flexible so you can always make it, even if you are running a little late!

The boot-camp style classes are set to music, which energizes the activity, and we never do the same routines. We use obstacle courses and many types of equipment, so you’ll get new exercises every day to work out the entire body. With so much activity, it goes by fast and you wont even realize how much exercise you’re doing!
5,6,7,8,9,10 AM Classes – Every Week Day – Instructor – Led fitness classes

  • Covered, artifical turf fields
  • Dynamic, fun workouts
  • Boot camp style classes
  • Different schedules available