Team Building with Soccer

Get Your company moving for better employee health!

Believe it or not, bubble soccer at Plaza has been sought out by local companies for their employees to use – during work hours. Luckiest employees ever, or smart management? Adults in the corporate world know that team-building is more than a trend.

The benefits of encouranging a strong workplace culture through on-the-job team building have been proven. Employees who feel comfortable with their colleagues will be more likely to ask for help on difficult assignments, collaborate, for better results, and contribute positively to the atmosphere at work. This all reflects in their interactions with customers and work performance.

But we’ve talked to enough bosses and managers to know that team-building can be boring (and thus ineffective) if they are too focused on developing skills. What often holds back workplaces is a lack of comunication between individuals who do not feel comfortable with their coworkers. Thus, some of the most important team building focuses on the social. Getting people to do things together as a team other than work allows them to connect on a different level. When your “work team” sees itself also as a “real team”, team members shift from individualistic concerns to a more group-centered dynamic. Plaza Sports Center can hel with this by providing several options fo workplaces of all sizes to play together better, while the physical nature of team-building with recreational soccer means all the employees are engaging in a healthy activity. “Whatever you want to do, we can make it happen”, says Alma Caso, Director of Plaza Sports Center.

At Plaza You Can:

  • Play together to work better
  • Engage in healthy phyical activity
  • Boost employee morale and motivation
  • Cultivate teamwork outside of the office

If only about halft of your coworkers are excited to play, don’t worry; not everyone in the company has to get involved. If you can get together the 12-14 people necessary for a team, we can find other teams to play against. Plaza Sports is hoping to organize an inter-company tournament, which will pit local company against local company to see which is the soccer champion. Call today to express interest so we can start planning for you! “We will schedule your company team to come to their games once a weeek for a couple of weeks”, organinze the games, provide the referees and trophy for the winner so all you have to worry about is showing up and having fun”, says Caso.

Bubble soccer is also a great option companies of all sizes. Read more about bubble soccer on pages 35 & 39. After enjoying bubble soccer, the restaurant conveniently located on-site at Plaza is a cool environment for an after-game celebration or speech. Yet another option for team-buildingis the entire facility rental. We can reserve the entire place for you for as long as you need to for special events or activities, like speakers or presentations.

Get Moving!

  • Approach your boss manager if you want to represent your company and something healthy for the next company-wide initiative.
  • We have printed material available to help you win over your coworkers.
  • Call us when you’re ready to sign up!

Working with your teammates can make the 8-5 go by in a breeze, the days zooming by until your next team-building match. Approach your boss or manager that you want to represent your company and do something healthy for the next company and do something healthy for the next compay-wide initiative. If your aren’t much of a player but love the sport, your company can also sponsor a team or individual player on our Little Toros league. This a great way to give back to the community.