Recreational Soccer for All!

If you didn’t start playing soccer as a child, or stopped at some point and now find yourself never getting on a soccer field, we at Plaza want you to know that it’s never too late for a person to start enjoying this very universal sport! The goal of soccer does not necessarily have to be winning games and being very competitive; our philosophy is that soccer is simply a fun game to play with others while doing something healthy for your body.

There is simply no downside to getting active with soccer. Even training for soccer is a very healthy activity, as all cardio involved has many proven health benefits. Due to constantly running the length of the field, even recreational soccer players will find themselves meeting the recommended amount of physical activity without having to force themselves through a tedious workout. Instead, a fun day of games with friends burns fat, improves muscle tone, and improves lung function so you can run longer before feeling winded. Soccer is unique in that it calls for shifts between walking, running, and sprinting, which is more demanding on the body and increases muscle and bone strength more than doing any of those activities uninterrupted.

The social benefits of playing on a team are also tremendous; know that other depend on you to show up and participate will encourage you to keep to your training regimen and be a good teammate. This will build those relationships which have been shown to be a vital part of the human experience. We like feeling needed, and every member on a team is important. It is a formative experience for children to be on a team, which does not cease to be any less important as an adult.

A game for everyone – not just experts.
While some players on our leagues are very dedicated and are playing with an intensity that may intimidate some more casual players, we want everybody with even the smallest interest in playing soccer to feel welcome to play at Plaza Sports Center. We offer leagues for players at all levels of expertise. Plaza Men’s & Women’s Leagues are both available throughout the week, as are the Little Toros for children and Veteranos League for older players. You can start a team of your friends or family that we can help organize into a tournament or versus games against other casual teams, with whom you can develop very friendly rivalries. We have seen beautiful friendships grow out of these games. If you can’t get together enough people to start a team of you own, we can help you find a team to play on! Novices will be able to play on teams with other casual players just for fun.

Recreation Bubble Soccer-
Another option for casual play in a unique offering in the world of soccer: play in a bubble. Bring a group of friends to face off as red vs. blue and play a simplified version of the classic sport while you bounce and collide off each other in plastic, body-protecting bubbles. Being in the bubbles and bumping around with your friends is so fun on its own, we see visitors spending some time just doing that before getting into play with the soccer ball! You can rent our suits for the half hour, one hour, or a custom time frame. All fees already include suit and field rental. Bubble Soccer is a unique experience and even those who are afraid of hurting themselves with athletics will feel reassured by the tough plastic bubble, which has adjustable harness inside as well as handles to help you carry the weight. Like any good soccer experience, it’s a bit of a workout! If you feel winded during your time playing at Plaza, you can take a breather in our beautifully modern dining facility, which is family friendly. We love to see families enjoying a raspa after a game or groups of friends sharing a plate of nachos.