By August 8, 2016July-August 2016

Little Toros is the perfect activity for kids

Plaza Sports Center offers classes for children as young as three years old. Since children at these ages are still learning to move quickly without falling, the focus of these practices is coordination. The littlest soccer players are not quite scoring goals or even connecting with the ball every time, but they are still developing control over their bodies that they will need before working their way up to learning technique. “We can’t teach the child to play soccer if they can’t stand on their own feet,” says Coach Ivan, who works with the smallest children. “First we have to learn to crawl before we walk and run on the field.”

Coaches play a vital role in teaching discipline in the sport, from making children do practices they don’t feel like doing to explaining why they’re now out of the game after a bad play. They will learn more than how to run or kick correctly at the  Plaza Sports Center. Soccer, and playing on a team, builds character.  “We are not just an  academy,” says Coach Chava, another children’s coach at Plaza Sports Center. “We are a center for athletic formation. Part of that is being a good sport.”