Meditations on soccer with Victor Farias

Plaza Sports Center is a hub for soccer enthusiasts of all ages. Victor Farias is a player on our Veteran’s league who has done a lot push soccer in the RGV, and Victor’s philosophy on the sport is a lot like ours. He has a successful career in real estate bu he speaks about soccer in a way that reveals it as his true passion.

“I’ve always played soccer,” says Farias. “I met my wife at a soccer stadium; her brother played it professionally. Soccer has been in our lives for a long time”. This love for the sport and dedication to good technique has led Victor and his family, who is also ver interested in the sport, to experience the competitive soccer circuit through his daughter’s participation in youth leagues. He started coaching his daughters at age seven, and they participated in many soccer academies and teams over the years. His older daughter, Paloma, is 16 and has already made the Youth 17 National Team, and was also later called by the Mexico National Team. Through that experience, both Paloma and Farias learned a lot and made several important connections in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas with talent scouts, coaches, and soccer academies.

What is remarkable about Farias is that he doesn’t hesistate to share his knowledge with anyone who feels they have the drive to go down that path. “Scouts are starting to look down here to find talent,” says Farias. Dr. Caso and Alma Caso of Plaza Sports Center have formed a relationship with Farias that tries to provide more opportunities for kids to make it to these teams and tournaments. “I’ve recommended kids to teams further along the line,” says Farias. “We have a path now that we can provide for these kids, but the fundamental person must be the child themselves.”

Farias believes a player’s success doesn’t depend on the soccer academy or the coaches, but on the child’s own drive. Competitive soccer players have to be doing well in school, be very commmitted to the sport, and be willing to make sacrifices with their time. “Understand that this is a long process,” Farias tells young, impatient players. But giving up weekends for games and afternoons for practices is nothing for a child that is determined to be the best player they can be.

“It’s not about teaching them how to hit the ball; they already know this,” he explains. “But what you do have the train them in is how to think to win.”

Through conversations with Dr. Caso and Alma, they have come to the conclusion that it has to be child who says, “Parents, take me to my practice. I can’t be late,” or “Coach, can I stay after and practice some more?” Farias says those are the ones that make it to the selection.

When his daughter was playing for the National Team a coach told Farias that he knows which of his players will go further that the rest. How does he identitfy them? “The ones who train when they aren’t invited and the ones who work and train when nobody can see them,” Farias says he was told. “The ones for whom training at an academy isn’t enough. They train one day at the academy and go run and tremendous opportunity.” Farias thinks a coach’s task is to show the path to developing skills and encourangin and convincing players to be disciplined. He has seen that the ones that make it far in competitive soccer aren’t the most talented; they are the ones who never stopped pushing themselves towards their goals.

They make themselves disciplined in soccer and they become disciplined in everything else. It becomes a part of their life, which Farias believes is vital for children. “It’s isn’t luck. All good opportunities come through a combination of discipline, work, and honestly. God is fair in that he gives all of us opportunities; we just have to be ready to take them,” says Farias. By developing these traits, the players become winner in every aspect.

“We’re trying to change the philosophy of the youth here. Not many coaches can instill this philosophy in the minds of the kids, but Plaza does,” says Farias. “I don’t think there is another place like Plaza anywhere around here that is as organized, well-directed, and clean. We have similar ideas about soccer, and when that happens, things can grow.” Plaza Sports Center is thankful that a true mentor like Victor Farias chooses to share his passion with their players.