Homenaje a liga de veteranos

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La emocion por el futbol no envejece. Se puede llegar a lo 50 años de vida y el recuerdo de un marcador sigue intacto. Paraciera que los anos solo traen nostalgia a esos relatos trazados para siempre en una cancha, pero para estos jugadores solo trean las ganas de sequir jugando futbol.

Por eso Plaza Sports Center rinde un merecido homenaje a nuestra liga de veteranos. Una liga de futbol imaginado que representa a miles de jugadores que dia a dia practican el deporte mas popular del mundo, pero que hoy luchan contra lo inevitable: el tiempo.

Tras us triunfos deportivos, las lesiones y a los anos llegaron a sus vidas. Pero estos episodios no ensombrecieron su eterno amor por el futbol.

Quiza por esa razon hablan con orgullo sobre sys apodos sobre sys triunfo y fracasos, sus jugadas, sus goles, sus peleas y claro, los equipos en los que militaron. Son un ejemplo a sequir, y basta con solo ver a los hijos de estos jugadores que al verles el rostro a estos pequenines se puede sentir la emocion de ver a sus padres entregarse en el terreno de juego. Los jugadores veteranos que vienen a nuestras canchas no solo llegan con el objetivo de jugar, sino tambien con pasar un buen rato y disfrutar de un gran ambiente familiar. Para ellos lo mas importante es saber que hay lugares como Plaza Sports Center donde se fomenta el buen futbol, y para nosotros es importante brindarles esa atencion a los tan llamados “jugadores experimentados”.

Cuando ellso juegan se siente la emocion en el terreno de juego. Se mira la entraga y el amor a la camisa, y por su puesto, se vienen a la mente los recuerdos de cuando disputaron grandes batallas y vivieron momentos gloriosos en el futbol. Su lucha y entrega en la cancha son el motivo por lo cual hoy en dia mas ninos practican el futbol.

Sin man que decir, les damos un fuerte aplauso y un digno reconociemiento a estos querreros de mil batallas que dejaron todo en las canchas. A estos jugadores entregados a su passion por el tan llamado “juego del hombre”, y que sabemos que futbolistas como ellso quedan muy pocos. Gracias por su dedicacion y por sequir trasmitiendo esa casta de campeon que aun corre por sus venas.

Que esperas? Te invitamos a formar parte de la historia, trae a tu equipo y compite en nuestra liga de veteranos todos lo jueves a las 8pm. Hay grandes encuentros, buena competencia, pero sobre todo una gran amistad entre los jugadores. No te quedes con las ganas de vivir una experiencia unica. Ven a nuestras canchas y disfruta tu pasion!!


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Harlingen native sisters join forces again at UTRGV

Sisters Erica and Arnelle Gonzalez both help to make up UTRGV women’s soccer tough defensive front. Last year was the first year the two sisters weren’t playing together as Erica was a goalkeeper in the first-ever UTPA women’s soccer team and Arnelle, a defender, was still in Harlingen South High School.

Learning that Arnelle, who was her team’s MVP and earned second team District 32-6A accolades her senior year in high school, would join her in the UTRGV women’s soccer team was good news for Erica.

“When I found out my sister made the team I was very excited,” Erica said. “I’ve been playing with her since I was in third grade, so it’s unusual not having her on my team.” Having played together for so long has helped the sisters have a thorough understanding of how one another plays, and how to best work with each other out on the field.

“We give each other a certain look and we know what we’re gonna do,” Arnelle said. “I guess that’s sort of a sister relationship.”


Leo Castillo

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UTRGV Men’s Soccer junior goalkeeper Leo Castillo didn’t really choose his position… his position chose him.
“My brother (Eduardo) used to always put me in between two trees back at home and start shooting free kicks on me,” he said.

A few years later, when Leo was 12, the goalkeeper of his club soccer team in Katy, TX got injured, and it was also Eduardo who decided that his little brother would take the goalkeeper spot for the rest of the game.
“In the huddle at halftime, the coach asked who wanted to be in goal and my brother raised his hand and pointed at me and said, ‘he’s going in goal’,” Castillo said.

“I looked at him and I was like, ‘well, I guess.’ “So I went in goal, played the second half. It went pretty well, so I went from there.” Although Castillo may not have been happy with his brother at the time, playing goal allowed him to play college soccer.

“When I played in Houston Dynamo (U- 18 Developmental Academy) it was pretty exciting to see all the academy players, the ones above me, going into college soccer and coming back and having great experiences playing around the nation,” he said. “It was exciting to know I was going to get to do that as well.”

Castillo started for two years at Tyler Junior College, where he posted seven shutouts that led his team to the 2014 NJCAA National Championship.
“Winning a national championship in college soccer is a really good experience,” he said.

“We had lost the first final my first year and my second year we got to come out again.
“At the moment you don’t know how to feel or what to do, you are just so excited… you just won a National Championship.”

After finishing up in Tyler, where he also earned NJCAA Second Team All-American, NSCAAA First Team All-South Region and First Team All-Conference accolades as a freshman after recording 11 shutouts with a 0.81 goals against average, Castillo was attracted to UTRGV due in part to its strong soccer culture.

“Coach Paul Leese and Coach Donovan Dowling gave me a call and talked to me about the school,” Castillo said. “I think what attracted me the most was the coaches and the atmosphere here at UTRGV.
“Coach Dowling was also a really, really good goalkeeper, and I think Coach Leese is one of the smartest coaches in college soccer.”

Castillo still has a year and a half left at UTRGV, after which he hopes to play professionally. When he’s done playing soccer, he wants to teach it.
“My goal is to have a goalkeeper academy and to teach kids from a young age how to play in goal,” he said.



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We have soccer leagues available for everyone and every skill level. You don’t have to wait very long to register to one of our leagues. Registration is simple and quick. Don’t know how to get started? Here are a few steps!

1. Do you already have a team?
a. Yes (do an arrow here) Our games are 7 vs. 7 so you need a minimum of 7 players and a max of 14. You will be required to get a player ID for each and to play with your same players all season.
b. No (same arrow pointing right) We can help you find a team:
b.i. If you’re an adult, visit our website at and fill our a form so we can try to find you a team.
b.ii. If you’re a child, enroll in our Soccer Academy and you will automatically be invited to one of our teams.
Cool idea: We have a LOT of business teams. Talk to your coworkers or boss about starting a company team, use the company’s logo on uniforms as advertising and you’ve got a team! You can request a friendly game so you get some practice before starting the league.

2. You’ve got your team, how do you pick a league?
We have over 40 different leagues per week in different levels and days. They all start at different times so we can accommodate you in one in no time!
a. Determine what division you’ll like to play:
a.i. Women’s
a.ii. 45+ years
a.iii. Champions
a.iv. Open (Competitive)
a.v. Second Division Third Division (Recreational)
a.vii. Youth Competitive
a.viii. Youth Recreational
b. Call our office 9567837670 and request a next available fay and time for that division. Or you can say you’d like in X amount of weeks and we can suggest a league for your schedule.
Note: What’s nice about our leagues is once you schedule a day and time, that will be your schedule for the entire league! No change in schedule! No confusions!

HOW LONG DO LEAGUES LAST? 10 weeks plus semifinals and finals. So you’d play once per week at the same day and time.
IMPORTANT: Since all our fields are turf, we do not allow cleats for play. You can use turf or indoor shoes.
c. Talk to your team and pick a league. Call our office 9567837670 so we reserve your spot. (Reservation requires a downpayment)

3. You have a league, NOW WHAT?
a. Start playing!! If you need additional soccer gear, you can stop by our office shop for balls, socks, gloves, shin guards, etc. One stop!
b. You can start checking your schedules and standings online on our website.
c. Like our facebook page so you can see constant photos and videos of games. Pick up our magazine as well for pics and news!


Women’s: Fridays at 8 pm.
45+ Years: Thursdays at 8 pm.
Champions: Wednesdays at 8 pm.
Open: Available all week, including weekends
Second Division: Tuesdays at 10 pm
Recreational: Schedules vary. All week available.
Youth Competitive: Saturdays and Sundays and Fridays at 7 pm.
Youth Recreational: Saturdays and Sundays

You can always request additional schedules by calling our office at





Toros Academy 2.0

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Get ready to experience a completely new level of soccer at Plaza Sports Center. Our newly redesigned Toros Soccer Academy is here! Since its start two and half years ago, Toros Academy has successfully trained our players to develop the skills and abilities they need to become successful soccer players.

Our players have become so good that the time has come to make some changes. We’ve consulted with soccer experts and professional players to develop a new Toros Academy that will focus on developing and expanding the individual talents and level of each player.

We have initiated a series of positive changes for our program, all of which have been carefully evaluated by our team, says Plaza Sports Center CEO, Alma Caso.

This is us taking the next step and taking our kids to the next level. Here’s what you can expect with our 2.0 version of the Toros Academy: Play At Your Own Level In most soccer schools, students are divided by age groups.

We learned that students perform better when they train with others at their same skill level. With our new academy, our groups are based on the players’ level of play instead of their age. Players begin with their age group until coaches are able to fully assess their abilities.

They will then be moved to the group that is a better fit for them. As players improve, they will be moved to different levels so they continue developing their play. Amped Up Intensity We know that for our players to improve, they need more training opportunities and discipline.

This is why all of our players in Toros Academy will participate in three practices a week. Two of these practices will focus on drills that will develop their skills, techniques, agility, and fitness level. All groups play scrimmages as a team on Fridays to develop their teamwork and collaboration skills and so they can learn to play together.

New Toros Teams One of the biggest additions to our academy is that all players will be given the opportunity to be placed in one of our Toros team. We have different level teams: recreational, intermediate, and advanced categories. This will allow our players to play in a team that is appropriate for their level. This means more opportunities to play and improve.

Outside Tournaments Because our Academy trains in our own facilities at Plaza Sports Center, we have always invited our teams to play in our own competitive leagues where teams from all over the Valley participate. With our new academy, we will start introducing our Competitive teams to outside tournaments, says Alma Caso.

This will be beneficial for those categories because we will be exposing them to different types of competition and opportunities Specialized Coaches A great soccer academy begins with great coaches.

We have a new team of coaches that are equipped to take our children to the next level. Our new Toros Academy will have a specific coach assigned to each team. This will allow the coach to get to know the individual strengths and weaknesses that they have to work on for each child. Parents will now know who they can contact with any questions or suggestions they might have.

We’re so excited to start seeing the results of our new Toros Academy in our players. If you’re not a part of our academy, join us for a free two-day trial. All you need to start experiencing a new level of training is to show up any day of the week at 5:30 p.m. to try out one of our practices!




Bubble Soccer Is Here!

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Bubble Soccer has arrived at Plaza Sports Center! If you haven’t heard about this new game that has become a huge hit in Europe and Canada, you soon will. Bubble soccer, or bubble ball is similar to classic soccer, but with one little twist: All players are wearing bubble suits! Although we’re very serious about soccer at Plaza Sports Center, we also love to have fun.

That is why we’re the first place in the Rio Grande Valley to offer Bubble Soccer. We provide the bubble suit, and the fields for a small rental fee so our guests can go out and enjoy this hilarious and fun-filled game.

What is Bubble Soccer? This trendy new game is very similar to classic soccer. You need a soccer field withtwo goal posts to get started. The game is played just like you would play soccer, except that things get really fun when you bump into other players in your bubble suits.

You’ll have so much fun making each other fall to the floor. Bubble Soccer is a great team-building exercise that allows you to practice the same strategy skills that are used in conventional soccer.

It is also very safe because you’re literally inside a bubble. It’s an excellent game for everyone to enjoy as a family and it’s guaranteed that you’ll all have plenty of laughs.

It’s very easy to play and even those who don’t regularly practice sports or play soccer can easily catch on. How Does It Work? We provide everything that you need so you can just come out and play. You need a minimum of eight players to be able to play. For small groups, the suit rental fee is $10 dollars per person for 30 minutes or $17 dollars per person for one hour. We can have a maximum of 12 players at the same time.

We also have options for companies, teams, birthday parties, or schools. Our large group package is $15 dollars per suit rental for 30 minutes and $25 dollar suit rental for 1 hour. We can have a maximum of 24 players at the same time. Is it just for kids?

No, Bubble Soccer is a game for everyone and it’s a great way to do something different as a family. You can also rent our Bubble Soccer suits for your corporate events at our facility.

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